Our services


Three types of services.

Restaurail has chosen to group its various business services under three distinct sub-brands to better meet its customers’ needs and strengthen its market position.

Express Coffee

Snack bars and coffee shops in the main stations offer a cafeteria and snack menu.

Get Coffee

On-board sales of soft drinks, sandwiches, coffees, teas and sweet and savoury products.

Train Hôtel

Assistance on board the hotel train includes welcome and accompaniment to destination. Breakfast is also provided.


Our network.

Restaurail’s network covers all the Kingdom’s main rail lines. It has operational logistics bases in the main cities served, acting as refueling relays for trains as they pass through.

Restaurail also manages a chain of 8 station buffets and has over 10 supply sites.

6 Coffee Shops
2 Snacks

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