Social responsibility.

Faithful to the values that drive it, Restaurail has set itself ambitious goals that place the future of humanity at the heart of its concerns. As a result, the company strives daily to strike a balance between economic performance, social equity, environmental justice and local roots throughout its value chain.


CSR commitment.

Restaurail’s CSR commitments are as follows:

Guaranteeing a safe and healthy supply

In our various food activities, from sourcing food products to kitchen processing, packaging and delivery to customers, our watchword is traceability.

Priority to recyclable packaging solutions

Replacement of plastic by certified biodegradable cardboard for pre-portioned coffees.

Promoting a respectful social model

Promoting a social model that respects our collaborators and offers opportunities for career development

Ensuring health and safety in the workplace

Ensuring health and safety at work for our collaborators, suppliers and subcontractors.

Fight pollution and waste.

Controlling our environmental impact is essential to preserving our planet and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations. This involves a wide range of actions, including the fight against pollution and waste.


Our teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities to our customers and employees.


The ability to achieve our objectives quickly and efficiently.


Responding to local needs in an adapted and personalized way.

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